The Best Dental Cure

For the last two months, I’ve been brushing my teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Before that, I was using miswak. Nowadays, I have a toothache for the first time in years. That’s why I decided to compare miswak and toothbrush. My Experiences I have been using miswak up to for five years. I had […]

What is the Limit of Sacrifice in Relationships?

We all have different temperaments. Some of us can be extremely selfish, on the other hand some of us tend to consistently compromise on our beloved ones. But to what extent should someone be compromised in her relationships? What is the limit of altruism or selfishness? In Europe or the USA, people are act more […]

Get These 5 Habits and Become the Healthiest Person in The World

These are things I’ve been doing for years. Sometimes I fail. But generally I try to do them. 1. Eat a dessertspoon of blossom honey on an empty stomach in the morning. Because it boosts the metabolism. As I mentioned before, our colons must be empty in the morning. Otherwise, various bacteria increase in our intestines and we […]

The Relationship Between Hours and Our Health

The first wealth is health. Emerson Do you know that our organs work more efficiently at certain hours? If we learn the most efficient hours of our organs and arrange our habits accordingly, we can become healthier. I think everyone should know this. This is really important. Here we go; 3-5 am This is the […]

Tips for Maintaining a Sleep Schedule

Every time I decide to get my life in order, I began with fixing my sleeping schedule. Having a sleep routine is really essential for time management. Setting a sleep routine is not just related with always sleeping through the same time period. Being able to achieve it every single day is only possible with […]

Advices For Psychological Well-Being

My life is currently in a huge mess. I’d like to explain my psychology and how it affects my physical health in a bad way. But no longer I want to focus on unfavorable things about my life. Instead, let’s talk about the solutions. Normally, when something goes wrong in my life, I try to […]

Handling My New Reality

This year we are facing with a lot of disasters, as you know. Only Covid-19 pandemic is enough to make us feel depressed. However, my private life has its own “disasters” too.  I’m having really tough times. Probably the worst ever. There is a whole change in my life. Even my routine has FULLY changed.  […]

15 Things I Have Learned From My Experiences

Trying to find a better way of living, I have made too many changes in my life. They all were kinda experiments. If you haven’t read yet, you may check out My Story first. Here what I have learned from experiencing different lifestyles: There are various ways of living but none of them is “certainly […]

My Story

Can you imagine how would be life without internet, electronic devices and even electricity itself in this century? How would be life as a vegan or a minimalist? I’ve been questioning life for years. I have experienced many different lifestyles since I’m trying to find how should I live. Mainly, I considered what is harmful […]