Welcome to my blog. It’s Esra Frank.

I’m twenty four and I live İstanbul, Turkey.

I’m obsessed with thinking and learning.

I’m interested in philosophy. I simply want to understand myself, human being and life. I don’t know any greater pleasure than learning about these. I’ve been asking the question of “How to live?” for years and perhaps I’ll continue to ask throughout my life.

I love reading, thinking and writing. I don’t do them in a hurry. When I want to think of something, I close the cover of my book and take my time. I believe that learning and generating ideas can happen this way. I try to think critically, broaden my horizons, understand information in integrity, find its connection with life and apply what I have learned to my life. While reading, I usually write down my thoughts. Especially if I believe I caught a good point or discovered something.

What I am currently doing?

I’m studying cinema. I got a full ride scholarship. The 2020-2021 academic year is my seventh year at university. There are several reasons why my education has been prolonged.

I admire the magic and power of fictions. I think both stories and storytellers are sacred. What I’m looking for in the cinema, theatre, literature, photography, painting i.e. art is a universal message about life and human nature.

Why am I blogging?

I always feel the need to tell something. When I’m not writing, I find myself talking to myself. I’m trying to understand in an endless way. I take note of my results. I am in love with words and sentences.

I just can’t stop writing.

About my blog address and my name:

Frank isn’t my real last name. I chose it to reference Anne Frank. The world has seen how powerful a girl’s diary can be. Although the content of my posts isn’t in diary format, still my blog is my diary. Here I document and archive my thoughts.

What’s the point of this blog?

There are people I draw inspiration from. They’re not so wise, so successful or super intelligent ones -just ordinary people. But, I learn a lot from them. I believe that we all need each other’s knowledge, thoughts and experiences. We have a lot to learn from each other.

I think, what each of us produces is very valuable. Neither one is superior than the other. It is uniqueness that make our works so precious. It’s important for everyone to tell about their own story, life, environment, experiences… I wish everyone had an instrument that they shared something with all of us without hesitation. I believe the world has gradually become such a place. We now increasingly care about individual’s knowledge instead of what experts, “important people” or “chosen ones” tell us.

Plus; there is a large heritage of wisdom where I live. I’d like to document them also. We have a lot of problems in modern age, as you know. I think the world can benefit a lot from the Anatolian wisdom.

What do I value?

To have physical and mental health. Eating natural and local foods, using natural products, wearing clothes made of natural materials. Not to waste, not to get more than need. To protect the environment from the damage of the modern-capitalist lifestyles. Supporting local producers and small businesses. To be humble. To be a good person. To use time efficiently.

My Story

I have experienced many different lifestyles since I’m trying to find how should I live.

Mainly, I considered what is harmful and what is beneficial for both me and the earth. I got rid of the things that are damaging myself and the environment. Mostly, I experienced anti-capitalist and healthy ways of living.

Every time, I accepted that I was only exploring. None of my journeys was “exactly the best”. Even today, after living accordingly a lot of different movements/ideologies, I can’t say that any of them was the correct way to follow. 

After starting collage, I ended up being a minimalist, gave away almost all my possessions till feeling myself floating in space.  I lived as a minimalist roughly for five years (now I call it “The Capitalist-Minimalism”).

To achieve my goals I focused on time management. While eliminating distractions, I quit social media in 2014. I removed all messaging apps from my phone. I radically reduced using all electronic devices. I was checking out my mobile phone once a week and I used my PC even less frequently. I don’t remember how long, but I kept my phone off for months. Also, I never used internet for six months. In the end, I found myself almost never using electricity. I know how crazy it sounds.

Besides, I tried veganism for a hundred days. Also, I tried a raw-food diet. I quit sugar, followed a gluten free diet, avoided any food additives. Moreover, I stopped wearing makeup for years and didn’t buy any kind of packed self-care products even including shampoo or moisturizers.

I used eco-friendly products for house cleaning. I wore clothing made by natural and local materials. I stopped doing shopping from well-known brands and from malls.

And so on… 

I’ve learned so many and I keep questioning, searching and exploring. I’m still open for new discoveries. That’s what I want to document here also. 

What is my expectation from my life?

  • Living a calm and simple life
  • Educating myself well
  • Learning many foreign languages
  • Traveling a lot

You may rather prefer sending me an email: esrafrank@imjournaling.com