We must see the favorable aspects of what we have. We should be satisfied with our life, family, friends, work and home. If we don’t do this, we always complain. Indeed, we should be grateful.

After all, nothing can be desired in every way. We must focus on the bright side of what we have and think about how we can benefit from them. If we don’t look at the positive sides of the things, we will miss their advantages. One of my teachers, who made a successful movie with impossibilities, often used to tell us “turn traps into opportunities”. If the weather is good, don’t worry about having to stay at home, sit by the window. Turn the traps into opportunities.

If we complain all the time, we cannot get rid of dissatisfied psychology, so we can never be happy. Grumbling is dangerous. If we keep grumbling about something, we could be deprived of it. This is the law of nature. However, the things we complain about are usually preferable to their absence. One complaint brings other grumblings, as things increasingly worsen.

In order not to complain, we must try to be completely satisfied with our lives. This doesn’t mean not trying to make something improvable better. Of course, we should always strive for the better. However, we must be content with what we have as we want and work for better. Inner peace can only be achieved in this way. We must remember this: Whatever changes, it will have its undesirable and disturbing sides. Change never brings a perfect solution.

Peace or happiness isn’t found at the end of a road or on the top of a mountain. These are not objects to be gained. They are born and grow within us. They come from within. However, they don’t come spontaneously, we need to train ourselves patiently to have and maintain them.

On the Other Side Man is Weak and Ungrateful

Man is ungrateful by his creation. It is not an easy thing for a person to know the value of his blessings. Human beings always want the better. Fortunately. We think people are strong, but we are not even strong enough to be happy with our lives. We are very weak. If God doesn’t help, we can’t even thank God for what has been given to us.

It is very comforting to know who gives us power. Because we do not have to struggle with a limited force; we have an unlimited power supply. Thinking that you have to deal with all the difficulties of life on your own can make you feel very helpless. We must seek God’s help to fight adversity, be happy with what we have and be thankful. Because if God doesn’t help and doesn’t want we can do nothing.

It’s The Creator who confronts us with the difficulties in life for our development. It would be easier to ask God for help if we know that we’re not able to achieve anything on our own. Our weak nature doesn’t relieve us of our responsibilities. We are also responsible for asking for help to succeed and asking God to make our struggle easier for us.

Ask God to give you strength, to make things easy for you, to help you enjoy what you have and be thankful. Only then you can be content, happy and peaceful.

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