These are the things I try to do to relax and solve my problems when I’m so sad or angry:

Rule #1

Stop complaining -neither to anybody nor on your own. Don’t waste your time with it. Overthinking and talking about what annoys you make your psychology even worse. Instead, try discussing the possible solutions.

Rule #2

Stop criticizing other people. Accept them as they are. Rather than focusing on other people’s mistakes, tackle your own faults. Look at yourself. Question your own attitudes.

Rule #3

Take lessons. Difficulties teach us. Make a step. Train yourself for being a better and stronger person. You definitely can’t change anybody. But you can change yourself. Do your best.

Rule #4

Look at the bright side. Every negativity has something positive on flip side. Change your standpoint. See the favorable aspects.

Rule #5

Do more what you love. Do the things more frequently that’s makes you feel good. Keep your mind busy with them.

Rule #6

Tell what is on track to your loved ones. Talk more about the pleasing things. Don’t make people worry about you too much. You’ll be better if your family and friends don’t feel so sorry for you.

Rule #7

Don’t blame on you because of your anger. No anger is reasonless. Anger is not a feeling but a signal. Try to understand your feelings by looking at your anger. Find your anger’s why.

Rule #8

Allow yourself to experience your sorrow. It’s okay being sad. That’s life. Don’t rush to get back your usual mental state. Also, don’t force yourself to seem happy if you’re not.

Rule #9

Don’t compare your problems with other’s. Everybody has their own difficulties. Don’t underestimate your troubles. Don’t feel bad by looking other people’s problems.

Rule #10

Telling people their mistakes doesn’t makes you a bad person. Instead of talking people’s behind, talk with themselves directly. Tell the problems kindly. Don’t keep quiet because of the worry of offending people. If you don’t talk about your problems, you can’t solve them.

Rule #11

Don’t burn yourself out for pleasing people around you. Don’t subordinate your satisfaction and happiness. You must be the person most important to you. If you put other people first, you will become increasingly angry. Thus, your relationships will deteriorate.

Rule #12

Enhance your knowledge. Knowledge is power. Read, listen, watch. Interact with people. Always learn new things. This will definitely make you a stronger person.

Rule #13

Take small steps to solve your problems. Don’t think you can fix everything all at once. Set achievable tasks. Do them in order. Start with the easiest.

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