We are familiar with superheroes, gifted people, chosen ones, saviors or prophets from movies or books. These people step in when the world is in danger or when there is a big problem. These tasks are also very difficult for them, but they will surely succeed in.

Unfortunately, there are no superheroes or chosen people in the real world. Still, we have many problems and they seem to be increasing. So, who will save the world? Will really gifted people come out? Will one person end all the problems in the world? All human rights problems, discrimination, women’s problems, injustice, religious problems, terrorism, wars, violence, population problems, refugee problems, hunger and poverty, famines, water problems, ecological problems, disasters, agricultural problems, industrial problems, energy problems, IT and media problems, health and education problems… Can one person take care of all these?

When I was in high school, my best friend often saw in her dreams that she was preventing doomsday and saving humanity. Although maybe we all say “I will save the world.” when we are an adolescent; as we mature, we start to ask “Am I able to save myself?”. Our idealistic side begins to diminish as we have to face life’s difficulties.

Luckily some people do not lose their idealistic side completely. There are even very determined ones. These people work hard to solve the current problems in the world. They work with institutions and organizations or individually, paid or voluntarily to make the world a better place. We really owe such people a lot. I don’t even want to think about what the world would be like if such efforts were not made. Still, are these people the ones who will save the world?

A few years ago, I was thinking, what can I do most to make the world a better place. In fact, I was trying to find out what had to be done “to save the world.”  What profession, area or platform could help me achieve the biggest and most important job? Seven years ago, when I chose to study cinema, I decided that the biggest and most important thing I could do was to be able to touch the hearts of as many people as possible and leave a tiny question mark in their minds. Based on this, I found the answer to the question “Who will save the world?” that I kept asking myself.

Ants will save the world. I’m not kidding. Every single ant is needed. Only one chosen ant cannot come out and do what all ants should do. I mean, we will each save the world. All of us together. The world will become a better place with the joint efforts of all individuals. This is the only way.

We are all little ants. None of us is more important to the world than the other. The world needs each of us’ labor, profession and knowledge. The world will only be “saved” if everyone fulfills their responsibilities properly. What the world needs to be saved is actually people who abused their responsibilities. You’ve seen how disruptive and problematic these people are, right?

On the other hand, every person who duly fulfilled his responsibilities saved the world that day. I save the world by blogging. You save the world by being a student, a journalist, a photographer, a cook, a doctor, a plumber, a secretary, a teacher, a waitress, a leader, as a president. Whatever profession you are doing, you will save the world with it. None of these are superior to the other. If we all do our profession in the best way we can, put all our effort, knowledge and energy into it, then the world will become a beautiful place.

Besides, we all have different statuses outside of our jobs. We are daughters, sons, parents, mates, wives, husbands, brothers, sisters… We are also neighbors, friends, colleagues, classmates of someone. We have some responsibilities towards these people. If everyone fulfills all their duties to each other, to their country and to the environment in the best way, there will be great progress in the world. We are very strong when we are together. We are an army of almost ten billion.

We have responsibilities to the world and people, but what about ourselves? We are most responsible to ourselves. Our top priority must be to ensure our own well-being. Everyone must first establish their own physical and mental health. We must first solve our own problems. Because someone who does not benefit herself cannot benefit anyone else neither.

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