We all have dreams. Some of our dreams excite us quite a lot. It is up to us to realize them, but we just can’t do it. Because wanting a lot is not enough. Of course, we have to strive. But for some reason we cannot take any action. As a result, these dreams can never come true.

Achieving something is always difficult. Anything that requires work, effort, patience and perseverance is harder than doing nothing. Therefore, we often have to push ourselves a little bit. We must encourage ourselves in the face of difficulties. However, we must be very careful while doing this. We shouldn’t force ourselves too hard and we shouldn’t force ourselves to do things we never wanted. Because if we suppress our emotions and desires, we’ll explode somewhere. In order to prevent this from happening, we must try to understand ourselves and our feelings.

Perhaps we all have certain behaviors that we have been complaining about for a long time. We may have tried very hard to change these habits, but never succeeded. Because sometimes what we need is to get to the root of our problem rather than insist on certain actions for change. We try hard to open a door. But when we realize that the door opens by pushing, not pulling, the whole problem is solved. Sometimes we just need only enlightenment. What we need is to discover a truth rather than insist on actions that we think will be the solution. The surest way to solve our personal problems is to understand why our unopened doors do not actually open.

We all have relationships with ourselves, just as we do with other people. And just as we need to establish a healthy communication with the people around us, we must have good communication with ourselves. In fact, we should be especially careful about our relationship with ourselves. Only then can we be healthy, strong and successful people.

Healthy, strong and successful people are those who can hear their own voices. They listen and can understand themselves. These people can determine what they really want and what they don’t. They can analyze how events and situations affect them. They know what they need to feel good and to take action.

We need to talk to ourselves. But this conversation is of no use if it is just the rebuke and rule-making of our inner parents. We must hear the voice of our inner child. We have to listen to what he wants and what he doesn’t want. Thus, we can analyze the reason for what he cannot do.

What we hear in our communication with ourselves is more valuable than what we say. For this we should use a style that inquires and investigates, not dictating and commanding. The questions we ask will give ourselves the opportunity to explain itself. In short, we must make sure that we are the listener in our communication with ourselves. Only this leads us to the solution of our personal problems.

The road to the heart passes through the ears.

When we see someone sad, anxious, or angry, we feel compassion and want to help that person. We listen to these people with affection and patience. We wonder if we can do anything… So how do we treat ourselves when we treat someone like this? Ourselves need our own attention and compassion first. Don’t we deserve our own help the most? We must know that we are also “somebody” who need to be helped. The effort we make for others must also be made for ourselves.

We should always talk to ourselves, not just when we’re feeling negative emotions. We have to get into the habit of listening to ourselves. We must always be aware of our feelings and thoughts. This is necessary for us to be able to live self-aware. But we have to keep in mind that we should ask more than tell, we should listen rather than speak. We must allow our different inner voices to express themselves. We must make sure that we do not suppress any of our inner voices. When we are done talking to ourselves, we must have found a common point in which the various voices we have will be satisfied.

If we are willing and patient to listen to ourselves, we will direct our actions more consciously; we become healthier, stronger and more successful individuals.

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