The first wealth is health.


Do you know that our organs work more efficiently at certain hours?

If we learn the most efficient hours of our organs and arrange our habits accordingly, we can become healthier. I think everyone should know this. This is really important.

Here we go.

3-5 am

This is the time when the lungs work most efficiently. Our lungs discharge waste at this time at most. If we are awake during this time, we should open a window and get fresh air. This makes our lungs healthier.

5-7 am

Would you like to know whether your colon is healthy or not? If you visit the toilet during this time that means your colon is healthy. But if you do not poop during this period, germs will accumulate in your large intestine. This is how diseases occur. So, you should definitely be awake at this time for your health. Try drinking water or walking around.

7-9 am

Being awake during this period is necessary for our psychological well-being. When we keep sleeping during this time, we are most likely fall into depression. Also, the food we eat during this period determines the energy we will have throughout the day. For this reason, we should have our breakfast between 7-9 in the morning.

9-11 am

This is the most productive hour of the spleen. One of the functions of the spleen is to cleanse the blood. It is also very important for our immune system. In my country, it is believed that unhealthy spleen causes melancholy. In order for the spleen to work better, breakfast should be made at the right time.

11 am – 1 pm

This is the most sensitive hour of the heart. During this period, we must stay away from things that may upset, worry or scare us. We should spend our time doing the things we love. We should do activities that will make us feel happy and peaceful. 

1-3 pm

This is the period when the small intestine works most actively. We can help it by drinking a glass of water. During this time, we must avoid anger

3-5 pm

This is the period of the bladder. We need to be physically active during this time. We can do our work that requires us to move. We can exercise during this time.

5-7 pm

We should rest now. We shouldn’t get tired during these hours. Between 5 and 7 in the evening is the period when our kidneys work most intensively. We need to keep our waist region warm.

7-9 pm

This is the blood pressure period. During this time, the veins use energy for themselves. We should spend these hours with our family and loved ones. Let’s socialize at these hours.

9-11 pm

This is the period of our immune system. Now we have to slow down and be alone. During these hours we can quickly improve our health by meditating. We can think about our lives at this time. We may read also. Then we should prepare for sleep.

11 pm – 1 am

These hours are for deep sleep. Our bodies actually rest during this period. If we do not sleep at these hours, we cannot rest properly. This is the most active time of the gall bladder.

1-3 am

If we are in deep sleep during this period, then our liver will work efficiently. And the proper functioning of the liver is very important for good health. If we go to bed early and wake up early, we do a great favor for our livers. So to ourselves. In case we wake up between these hours, we should drink a glass of water.

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Benjamin Franklin

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